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Search Engine Optimization – Moncton Web Development Knows SEO

Having a professionally built website is the first step in breaking through into the online marketplace… getting potential customers to see your site is the second step, called search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization – or SEO for short – is what a quality design & hosting firm will employ when building your website. Beware, however, as many firms base their search engine optimization on what are called keywords. Keywords are no longer indexed by Google; thus, any firm stating that they’ll “get you on first page” by means of keywords are firms which you want to avoid.

Moncton Web Development not only makes the claim that we’re professionals at getting our clients on first page… we show it.

Search engine optimization is a complex web of techniques, which, if not properly used, will result in … nothing. Moncton Web Development uses only high quality SEO Techniques when optimizing a website for Google’s first page ranking. The reason? When you’re successful online, we’re successful online; your website and it’s placement on the internet reflects on Moncton Web Development in a positive manner. Your ranking on Google also generates greater revenue for your business… and that can only be a good thing.

While our competitors claim that they can provide you with a quality website, Moncton Web Development makes the claim that we not only create quality sites but we also optimize them in a manner which they – our competition – simply does not. At least not to our knowledge.

And we show it… right here on this page.

It’s one thing to claim that you can get a client on Google’s first page… it’s quite another thing altogether to produce actual results.

Moncton Web Development produces the evidence to back up what we’re claiming.

Let’s look at the evidence of our search engine optimization results:

Try it out… go to Google right now and type in the term “Moncton Computer Repair”. It’s a generic term… and our own sister website, DanTek Solutions, is on first page.

Take a look:

Moncton Computer Repair

Now, go to Google and type in the words “Moncton Maids”. What do you get? One of our clients – a local business lady under the name of Keep It Clean – ranking on Google’s first page:

Moncton Maids

Now, let’s try the term Moncton Heat Pumps:


Let’s say someone is looking for a Commissioner of Oaths… who do they find? Our client:

Commissioner of oaths

What about women in Moncton who are searching for self defense classes? Two of our clients are featured on first page… three times:

Moncton's women's self defense

Clients in Moncton searching for Data Recovery find our sister site on first page:

Moncton data recovery 2

How about custom teddy bears? First page also!:

As you can see from the above examples, Moncton Web Development knows what it takes to get a website on Google’s first page. Talk is cheap; that’s why we show you the results we’ve produced.

Let’s be honest; Google Search is the new Yellow Pages.

Sure, some companies still believe there’s value in being listed in the Yellow Pages; and if they continue to employ that means without the means of proper Search Engine Optimization, they’ll sink just as many once-top-ranking companies have.=

Google – not print – is where the vast majority of potential clients look. Google – not MSN, Yahoo or any of the other second rate search engines – is where the vast majority of potential customers look.

Google is here and it’s here to stay.

Search Engine Optimization is the new “Yellow Pages”… and the old Yellow Pages is out. Period.

In business, you either sink or swim, and if your company is not employing SEO for search engine ranking, your company will be left in the dust.

Having a website is not enough; you need to get that website smack dab in the view of potential local clients.

Moncton Web Development specializes in making that happen. Click here to learn about how we make all of this happen.